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TWO-LEGGED PUPPY GETS WHEELCHAIR MADE FROM FISHER-PRICE TOY PARTS  - They found and dismantled a Fisher Price helicopter on wheels and used a ferret harness and pipes from a toy welding kit to make the rest.”

A one-month-old Chihuahua named Turbo was born without his two front legs. He was surrendered by his owners to The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis because he had trouble getting milk from his mother. Turbo is so small that staff at The Downtown Veterinarian had to break down a toy helicopter and use the parts to make a custom wheelchair. Turbo has been undergoing physical therapy to gain strength. Read more from RTV6:

A Marion County couple surrendered the puppy to the staff at The Downtown Veterinarian on East 11th Street earlier this month. They explained the dog’s front legs hadn’t developed and, although his mother was feeding him those first few weeks, as soon as he was weaned, the other dogs weren’t letting him near any food. 


Soon after he started eating regularly, they got to work figuring out how to make Turbo walk. Since dogs can’t be fitted for regular carts until they’re about six months old, they knew they would have to improvise. 

They found and dismantled a Fisher Price helicopter on wheels and used a ferret harness and pipes from a toy welding kit to make the rest.

They do physical therapy with Turbo every day to strengthen his back legs. The staff said he mostly goes in circles on his cart, but he is getting better at using it every day. 

"He’s very much a typical Chihuahua. He’s rowdy and loves to play and will attack your shoe," Birk said.

Let’s hope Turbo is adopted by a great family. Click here for the full story and here for more about The Downtown Veterinarian. You can also follow Turbo on Instagram and Facebook. (Photos via The Downtown Veterinarian)

My heart. He is just the cutest most adorable baby. 

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“What do any of us really know about love? It seems to me we’re just beginners at love. We say we love each other and we do, I don’t doubt it. I love Terri and Terri loves me, and you guys love each other too. You know the kind of love I’m talking about now. Physical love, that impulse that drives you to someone special, as well as love of the other person’s being, his or her essence, as it were. Carnal love and, well, call it sentimental love, the day to day caring about the other person. But sometimes I have a hard time accounting for the fact that I must have loved my first wife too. But I did, I know I did. So I suppose I am like Terri in that regard. Terri and Ed. There was a time when I thought I loved my first wife more than life itself. But now I hate her guts. I do. How do you explain that? What happened to that love? What happened to it, is what I’d like to know. I wish someone could tell me. Then there’s Ed. Okay, so we’re back to Ed. He loves Terri so much he tries to kill her and he winds up killing himself. You guys have been together eighteen months and you love each other. It shows all over you. You glow with it. But you both loved other people before you met each other. You’ve both been married before, just like us. And you probably loved other people before that too, even. Terri and I have been together five years, been married for four. And the terrible thing, the terrible thing is, but the good thing too, the saving grace, you might say, is that if something happened to one of us—excuse me for saying this—but if something happened to one of us tomorrow, I think the other one, the other person, would grieve for a while, you know, but then the surviving party would go out and love again, and have someone else soon enough. All this, all of this love, we’re talking about, it would be just a memory. Am I wrong? Am I way off base? Because I want you to set me straight if you think I’m wrong. I want to know. I mean, I don’t know anything, and I’m the first one to admit it.”

- Raymond Carver, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love." (via there-is-no-there-there)

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